Please read all policies below:


Reserving an appointment
To book any service at Medusa the Salon, all clients are required to provide a phone
number, email, and credit card to reserve any service. If any of these pieces of
information are unavailable we, unfortunately, will not be able to book the appointment.

New Clients
Please feel free to stop by anytime to look around and say hello. If time and staffing
permits, we will give you a tour of the salon and answer any questions about the
services we offer and the products we are proud to carry. A brief but thorough
consultation is complimentary and takes around 15 to 20 minutes. These consultations
can be booked in anticipation of considering an appointment at Medusa the Salon. We
encourage you to bring pictures along to communicate visually and provide inspiration
from you to your stylist. All of our stylists have Instagram accounts and we welcome all
to check out their portfolios of work. (Links are available through our website under the
“Our Team” tab.)

All-new color clients are required to obtain a consultation before booking an
appointment with any stylist. The stylist may be available to complete the requested
service after the consultation or the new clientele may book for a future appointment.

Timing Your Appointments
Please allow plenty of time for your appointment. We want you to truly enjoy your visit
and look forward to coming to the salon. Often appointments can last 2-3+ hours for a
root color, highlight, glaze, and blowout. For specialty services that include a
combination of multiple services can last 4-5 hours. We strive to provide the best
possible services with the most thorough and professional techniques. If you have any
concerns regarding the duration of appointments, please feel free to contact the salon or
consult with your stylist in advance.

Children & Guests
For the enjoyment of everyone’s salon experience, including yours, we do not allow
children of any age to accompany parents to their appointments. Children are only
welcome on the service floor if they are receiving a service. If a child does accompany
a client to their appointment they must remain seated in the waiting area at all times
and in the accompaniment of another adult. If your childcare arrangements
unexpectedly change, please notify the salon at your earliest convenience and we will
do our best to accommodate your needs in the best way possible.

All clients are limited to bringing one guest to their appointment. The client guest must
remain in the waiting area during the entire service.

Are You Running Late to an Appointment?
If your stylist is running behind you will receive a courtesy call ASAP. We may request
moving your appointment later in the day if possible or if needed scheduling for another
day. Any guests arriving later than 15 minutes to an appointment may be subject to

rescheduling. If the client is late more than 2 times then they will not be serviced and will
be subject to the no call/no show policy thereby responsible in paying 100% of the of
their base service charge.

Issues or Concerns
Our commitment is to give you our best every time. If you are ever unhappy with a
service you have received at Medusa the Salon, please do not hesitate to let us know by
calling the salon and speaking directly to your stylist within one week by phone. We will
gladly try to better meet your needs by scheduling you a complimentary appointment to
address your concerns. Refunds will not be given.

Canceled or Missed Appointments
Your stylist sets aside your appointment time just for you and your particular service,
often in blocks of 1-3 hours. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment,
please notify us a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that we may schedule another
client in your reserved time slot.

If you do not cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you will be required to

pay half the amount for the missed appointment.

If you no call/no show, you will be required to pay 100% of the amount for

the missed appointment.

A deposit may be required to book appointments that require large amounts of time
reserved. This amount paid in advance will be applied to your upcoming service. If you
no call/no show or cancel your appointment in 24 hours or less you agree to forfeit your
deposit. Refunds will not be given.

Refusal of Service
The integrity of your hair is most important to us. If your stylist determines your hair is
currently too damaged for a service, we reserve the right to refuse the service.