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Hello, my name is Cynthia and I’ve been a hair stylist since 2016. Our hair is a reflection of our identity, and as a stylist I strive to give my clients a style that allows them to express their own unique personality. It’s always an honor to have new clients, as well as clients that have been returning to me for years that trust me to turn their hair dreams into a reality. Seeing my clients glowing with confidence after getting their hair styled brings such fulfillment to my heart, and giving you that confidence is my ultimate purpose as a stylist. 


Outside of doing hair, I’m a teacher and student of yoga. My days usually consist of working in the salon in the morning, then after my shift I head to the yoga studio for class. The life of a stylist can be pretty chaotic sometimes, and yoga helps keep me grounded so I can continue to show up as my best authentic self for my clients, as well as myself. 


If you needed a sign to get your hair done, here it is. I look forward to meeting you and having you in my chair one day.